The expression “Order defeats the class” is well-known by Russian soccer players. What order are we talking about? Right you are, it is the discipline! Game discipline during the match enables teams to defeat more famous and skilled rivals. A player acting along with the task from his coach will always be on the team. Discipline on and off the ice throughout the time of the training camp is the principal requirement of the Russian Hockey School. Before every training camp the administration and coaches of the Russian Hockey School hold a general meeting of the campers where we communicate the established rules of conduct and requirements to the campers. 

In order to get ready for the camp properly, please prepare in advance and make sure you take with you:

  • Full ice hockey kit including throat protector, without it our coaches will not allow the player to the ice;
  • Skates; it is preferable to have them sharpened;
  • Stick; make sure it is not broken, it is advisable to take one spare stick;
  • Sports kit for outdoor and gym session (training shoes, sports pants и jacket, shorts and t-shirts);
  • Personal hygiene kit;
  • Underwear and socks;
  • Shower shoes;
  • Shower tower;
  • Medicines, vitamins and food supplements in case you need to take them on a regular basis;
  • Books and/or games for leisure time.

For citizens of the Russian Federation it is required to have on you the policy of compulsory health insurance and the so-called “sports insurance” in case you have any. Citizens of other states need to bring a copy of insurance policy covering medical expenses on the territory of Russia including those resulting from injuries during sports sessions.  

However, the most important thing to have is the good mood and a great wish to play hockey!