We often say here that “a poet in Russia is more than a poet”, likewise, Hockey in Russia is more tan just a game. It is one of the few sports where Russians have really achieved success, where we have great long-standing traditions and fantastic history of victories. “Hockey is of Canadian origin as a game, but as a way to have fun, it is Russian”, this saying have long become popular and it does reflect our attitude to hockey. Russia gave the world genius masters of this game, millions of people will always remember their names. It is true that Russian hockey saw rises and falls, however, love for this astonishing game has never faded away, every coming generation is again dreaming of winning world championships or the Olympic Games, and every boy imagines holding the Gagarin Cup or the Stanley Cup over his head.

Russia has always been a trend-setter in global hockey, and hundreds of gifted coaches are mentoring players in our country, they have a lot to share. Russian Hockey School opens doors to a wonderful world, the world where you can learn to play the best game in the universe. This world is always full of passion, courage, excellence, emotions, excitement and victories. Come and learn to play hockey with us!

The Russian Hockey School has been founded for the children keen on this spectacular game as well as for their enthusiastic parents. Our project was launched in Tver in 2013, it has been gaining momentum since then. USA, Canada, UK, dozens of Russian cities: hockey knows no borders, however Russian hockey experts have been recognized as top-level professionals. Russian Hockey School offers training camps for all ages; we exercise state-of-art techniques, offer master classes by famous players and drills with reputable coaches, real-life communication with hockey stars and meeting peer-players from other countries. Russian Hockey School is loyalty to traditions and commitment to innovations.

Hockey is life. Hockey is love, passion hope and belief. It is hard times of woe and happy times of joy. It brings all of us together, forever, in our hearts.  Hockey is us!

Welcome to the «Russian Hockey School»!

Хоккеистами не рождаются, хоккеистами становятся!